i'm not the human you thought i was

is it true what I heard about the son of god? 
did he come to save? did he come at all?
and if I dried his feet with my dirty hair, 
would he make me clean again?

they say they don’t know when, but a day is gonna come, 
when there won’t be a moon and there won’t be a sun. 
It will just go black, it will just go back 
to the way it was before.




Stunning, trippy 1970s NASA concept art for future space colony designs. Available (plus many more) in super hi-res here (and copyright free), for all your desktop wallpaper and/or prog-rock album cover needs. (via io9)

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can we talk about this tho

by ‘human all over’ I’m guessing he means guy-man has a big dick

thats beautiful


my personal style is called “i don’t have the money for my preferred aesthetic”